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Managing Personal Tax and Compliance

No one likes paying for personal tax advice; we understand that!

If you don't do things the proper way, you could find yourself in serious trouble with HMRC and hit with fines and even prosecution, so receiving tax advice and bespoke personal tax planning could be your best investment! It can save you time, money and vast amounts of stress.

Our multi-disciplinary team can advise you on all areas of personal taxation and estate planning including capital gain, inheritance tax, trusts and succession planning both in a UK and in an international context.

Furthermore, receiving proper tax advice mitigates making mistakes on your tax return. If you've got a complicated situation, it's easy to miss something. Research suggests that about one-third of people make mistakes on their returns. With professional guidance, however, that figure drops to just 2%, making the client secure in the knowledge that they are compliant.

By seeking professional advice, it makes your finances much more predictable. Taking control of your financial affairs means you'll avoid being caught up in the ups and downs of the economy too!

The benefits of having a good understanding of your taxes go beyond simply paying less tax. There are many advantages to getting expert advice. For example, you could qualify for specific allowances that you wouldn't otherwise have been able to access.

And, if you're thinking about selling a property, for instance, you might want to consider whether you have any capital gains tax issues.

Cross-Border Tax Planning

As a result of globalisation, individuals now have personal and professional interests in multiple countries. Therefore, they must seek local legal advice when they need to deal with matters relating to their tax liability.

Our tax experts have helped 1000’s of clients manage their UK taxation affairs in relation to cross-border issues.

How our tax experts can assist you

We offer a wide range of advisory services to help you plan and prepare for any eventualities. Our team consists of qualified accountants and chartered financial planners who work together to provide expert advice and tax strategies on managing your finances in light of changing events and circumstances. Whether preparing for retirement or planning for changes in your situation, we are here to guide and support you with your personal tax affairs.

Our Personal Tax Advisory and Planning services include:

  • Business advice for company directors
  • Entrepreneurs relief
  • Income Tax Advice
  • Personal tax returns
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Offshore trusts

We have helped thousands of clients and work with a broad range of private clients, high-net-worth individuals, SMEs, business owners and corporations.

Please call us on 020 7631 2061 or complete a form, and a team member will be in touch very soon.

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