Filippo Tenderini Laggan & Associates

Filippo has arrived in London in May 1996 after achieving a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. He has attended and successfully been awarded a LL.M. (Laws Master in Tax Law) in London that involved the study of International, European and UK Tax Law.

Since his arrival he has been working in the business on International Tax planning, and Corporate Services focusing on management and strategic implementation of business ventures including but not limited to onshore and offshore tax consultancy to high net worth clients.

He has participated to the creation and launch of Laggan on behalf of a pool of overseas entrepreneurs that included the implementation of a new team structure and marketing strategy.

  • Australian Dollar: 1.7352
  • Brazilian Real: 4.3475
  • Chinese Yuan: 8.8157
  • Euro: 1.1406
  • Hong Kong Dollar: 10.3650
  • Japanese Yen: 151.0950
  • Mexican Peso: 25.4773
  • Russian Rouble: 77.3750
  • Swiss Franc: 1.3258
  • Singapore Dollar: 1.8108
  • South African Rand: 18.7686
  • United States Dollar: 1.3290
  • UAE Dirham: 4.8805