360-degree assistance and consultancy on business startups in the UK.

Some of the main factors when considering starting up a business or making new changes to an already existing one are:

  • Market and risks (business plans);
  • Approach to a different market;
  • Legal framework;
  • Tax regime at corporate and personal level;
  • Employment law and employees’ protections/rights;
  • Finance: private equity or bank lending;

Such business advisory services are typical of an organisation with experience in company formation, management and governance.
At Laggan we gained that kind of experience through years of study and analysis of the UK market and assistance to our clients that successfully started a new venture in the domestic market.

Today we provide planning advices with reference to domestic and international transactions covering:

  • Company start-up and planning at inception;
  • International group structuring and reorganizations;
  • Corporate Tax;
  • Employee share schemes;
  • Global mobility (compensation and benefits, international assignments);

Any new venture needs accurate planning at inception to earn a chance to succeed.

Basing all strategic, legal and operative decisions on even very successful past experiences in other jurisdictions and cultural environments, jeopardize the positive outcome at the root.

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