Being a UK tax resident individual, whilst maintaining a foreign domicile can have significant tax advantages and there are opportunities for successful planning and arranging one’s affairs in a tax efficient manner.

The rules are highly complex and there are significant traps and pitfalls such that a UK foreign domiciled individual who has not received proper advice, can find themselves faced with significant unexpected tax liabilities.

Our highly experienced team will guide you through all the aspects of tailored planning, from pre-arrival estate structuring to bank accounts reorganization, from trust set-ups to capital preservation techniques, from business investment relief to income preservation.

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  • Chinese Yuan: 8.8157
  • Euro: 1.1406
  • Hong Kong Dollar: 10.3650
  • Japanese Yen: 151.0950
  • Mexican Peso: 25.4773
  • Russian Rouble: 77.3750
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