Businesses do not need to be incorporated but setting up a company or a partnership has few advantages.

  • Limitation of liability: keeping shareholders’ personal wealth intact;
  • Image: an incorporated entity appears more professional and reliable to potential customers, suppliers, creditors and other business partners;
  • Operations: it may be easier to attract investors through fundraising;
  • Privacy: incorporated entities are owned by shareholders or members who may act on a fiduciary basis giving the option of maintaining the principal identity private and confidential (subject to certain conditions);
  • Corporate laws in different countries: to facilitate both strategic decisions and management;

Our services to include:

  • Company formation: in UK and overseas jurisdictions (including lodging of statutory documents with the relevant authorities);
  • Legal and administrative consultancy: legal corporate matters and tutoring on company’s management;
  • UK VAT: acquiring of VAT number and assistance with fiscal representation abroad where necessary or when requested by domestic law of the jurisdiction wherever the transaction takes place
  • Commercial and employment agreements: assistance in the drafting and completion of documents
  • Company admin services: invoice preparation, file maintenance import/export documentation handling, Cash Against Documents, letters of credit
  • Payroll Services
  • Human Resources
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